REFOREST – Agroforestry at the forefront of farming sustainability in multifunctional landscapes in Europe

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REFOREST – Agroforestry at the forefront of farming sustainability in multifunctional landscapes in Europe


“The ReForest project aims to overcome the barriers to broader agroforestry adoption in Europe. We will encourage knowledge exchange amongst stakeholders, propose solutions to farmers, and suggest relevant policy interventions to leverage the potential of agroforestry as a technique able to improve farm productivity, socioeconomic viability and sustainability.
Agroforestry has many advantages and additional benefits compared to standard monocultures, whether arable or pastoral. Several known factors currently slow its adoption by farmers. ReForest will target these barriers to make agroforestry one of the most attractive food production systems in Europe. Since farming income represents farmers’ livelihood, capturing the wider environmental benefits of agroforestry within the farm business model is one of the project’s key objectives.
The project adopts a co-creation and multi-actor approach and maximises existing knowledge and data, including expanding agroforestry living labs using foundations laid by previous projects. The project prioritises knowledge exchange and transfer, the integration of carbon and biodiversity finance into farm business models, and proposing targeted specialist business models taking advantage of agroforestry systems.
ReForest marries farmer knowledge base and practical experience of establishing and managing agroforestry systems with the latest process-based and statistical models describing the performance of these systems. One of the outputs of the project is a multi-lingual knowledge base guiding the practitioners with the ability to predict their productivity and link them to relevant public and private funding streams.”

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The project involves the development of a financial model specific to agroforestry, to support practitioners and provide effective policy support.

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