AF4EU – Agroforestry business model innovation network

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AF4EU – Agroforestry business model innovation network


The overarching objective of the AF4EU project is to promote European agroforestry through the development of a multi-actor interactive and innovation-driven agroforestry network. This will build on the sharing of successful practical experiences and existing research knowledge (applied to new territories, climates and agricultural sectors) through ICT tools, with a special focus on the development and implementation of new cost-effective practices, business models and agroforestry-extension services considering the whole food chain.

A set of 33 successful agroforestry farm business models across Europe will be analysed from a sustainability perspective, considering economic, environmental and social aspects. The project builds up on previous Horizon projects and aims at developing an agroforestry knowledge platform that integrates: (i) a searchable knowledge reservoir (the Knowledge cloud), (ii) a live handbook, (iii) an agroforestry innovation business decision support tool, and (iv) a Multilingual Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with training modules targeting farmers and advisors.

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The project’s objectives include the development of a knowledge platform that integrates an agroforestry innovation business decision support tool. The DST aims to support business and a business environment analysis, facilitating policy-making in relation to agroforestry in Europe.

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