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Carbon Farming Project Inventory
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Carbon farming is an increasingly prominent concept in the debate around decarbonisation and sustainable transition in the agricultural sector. It encompasses all agricultural practices and land use changes that result in carbon sequestration, emissions reduction, or emissions avoidance.

Research and innovation play an important role in accelerating the effective deployment of carbon farming practices across the EU. This project inventory gathers examples of innovative initiatives which aim to address the existing challenges to a more widespread adoption of carbon farming.

This inventory is part of an IEEP project which aims to provide an overview of the efforts being made to facilitate the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices across the EU. The project selection is not exhaustive and will be continually updated – we welcome further suggestions and contributions to complement the existing list.

Selection criteria

The inventory includes predominantly projects funded by the Horizon Europe programme, with a small selection of projects financed by other sources of public funding at the EU level, as well as private sector initiatives. Projects have been selected based on their potential to contribute to climate mitigation or resilience, and a low risk of directly undermining other environmental objectives. The inventory also includes projects that do not state climate mitigation as their main aim but are likely to yield climate benefits based on the employed practices. All projects are either ongoing or have been finalised in the last five years.

The projects and types of innovation included in the inventory are also discussed in more detail in an accompanying report. Through an analysis of a sample of over 50 projects, this report identifies key emerging themes and trends, and aims to offer insight into the efforts being made to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable agricultural practices across the EU. 

Project coordinator

This project is coordinated by IEEP,
a European think tank for sustainable


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