Online service for calculations of GHG emissions at farm level in Latvia

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Online service for calculations of GHG emissions at farm level in Latvia


The aim of the project is to develop an online GHG emissions calculation tool for Latvian farmers. The tool is designed to calculate the GHG emissions intensity of products from the dairy and grain sectors. It will be developed by Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, in cooperation with farmers, cooperatives and national agencies.
The project is intended to respond to the challenges associated with the use of the currently available measurement tools, which have been observed to be either time and data consuming or not precise enough. The coefficients that are used for calculations will be synchronised with those used in the national inventory.
The e-service aims to simplify the process of calculating GHG emissions for farmers and reduce the administrative burden. The solution enables automatic filling using administrative data already available from the agencies, which will also reduce the need for data verification.
The key project activities include drawing up GHG calculation algorithms, as well as collecting administrative and additional data. This will involve algorithms to forecast production technologies and other factors necessary for GHG calculations, while setting up of a convenient and understandable interface for getting additional data from farmers and others. At the end of the project, development of the app is planned, including e-service design development and usability testing, prototype and full-scale solution development and e-service testing.

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The project develops an online GHG emissions calculator tailored to the regional context.

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