CANMILK – Carbon neutral milk

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CANMILK – Carbon neutral milk


The EU-funded CANMILK project aims to develop simple-to-use, low maintenance technology for methane abatement with the use of non-thermal plasma. The project will deliver dedicated equipment for dairy and meat cattle barns, and provides insight into the socio-economic and environmental feasibility of plasma-based methane abatement.

CANMILK aims to utilize non-thermal (cold) plasma, otherwise commonly used in e.g. fluorescent lamps and ozone generators, in a novel application to support methane emissions reductions with an estimated efficiency of 90%. The work is focused on methane activation by plasma-derived oxygen or hydrogen species, which enable methane decomposition with the help of catalysts in mild conditions. The project team expects to develop: 1) simple and efficient equipment for methane abatement in dairy and meat cattle barns, 2) a good view of the socio-economic and environmental feasibility of plasma-based methane abatement, and 3) increased public, scientific and industrial awareness of feasible solutions available for GHG abatement in agriculture.

The project aims to develop a technology with a high potential for commercialization and affordability for farmers, with expected costs of EUR 80 per tonne of CO2 equivalent.



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The project involves the development of plasma-based methane abatement technology for use in dairy and cattle barns equipment.

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