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New techniques for sustainable agriculture (NL)

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The key objective of the project was to develop, test and implement two sustainable techniques in arable farming. They include the use of the Topsoil Mapper, a contact-free sensor technology for the detection and prevention of soil compaction, and the Zasso electric weeding machine. The impacts and potential for wider roll-out is investigated through experimentation […]

CANMILK – Carbon neutral milk


The EU-funded CANMILK project aims to develop simple-to-use, low maintenance technology for methane abatement with the use of non-thermal plasma.

SOMIRO – Soft Milli-robots


The SOMIRO project will develop and demonstrate the world’s first energy-autonomous swimming milli-robot with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of farming in terms of carbon footprint, eutrophication and excessive use of pesticides and feed. The goal is to be able to use the technology for environmental analyses of crops grown in water such as rice, or various types of liquid-based animal husbandry such as in aquaponic farms. In these contexts, the milli-robot will be able to measure chemical concentrations and map the carbon footprint, eutrophication, and presence of pesticides and feed.